Pershing Field Garden Friends (PFGF) was established in March 2003.

As a community based organization, our goal is to beautify our neighborhood, celebrate diversity, and contribute to the well being of our community through gardening.


Our mission is to work with our neighbors to:

  • ¬†Enhance the quality of landscaping and gardens in Pershing Field
  • Communicate with the Jersey City Department of Parks and Forestry to ensure the excellent development and maintenance of our park
  • Help guide the renovation of Pershing Field Park
  • Respect and preserve the war monuments and original concept of Pershing Field as a Memorial Park
  • Contribute to community education
  • Influence the future development and preservation of the Jersey City Reservoir # 3 as open space

We acknowledge that the beautification of our parks and public spaces dramatically impacts our quality of life, improves the health if citizens, lowers crime and drug related activity and spawns neighborhood revitalization.

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