Pershing Field Renovated Playground Now Open!

“What we see happening in our parks really translates to neighborhoods as a whole. So if you have parks that are cared for and that are well maintained, and have good and safe equipment, and they run sponsored events for residents, it really becomes a gathering place. When the community gets involved and they invest in their parks, they invest in their community. A new playground lifts the moral, and it provides a service to the community at large. People should have neighborhood parks where they can walk and bring their children. Not everyone has the means to go away to the mountains or to the shore for the weekend, or even take a day trip. Not everyone has those resources available to them, so for many residents the neighborhood park is their solace. And that’s a big reason that we push the well being of our parks.”
~ Laura Skolar, President of Pershing Field Garden Friends, President of the Jersey City Parks Coalition, dedicated community organizer, and ‪#‎JerseyCity‬ native. ‪#‎PeopleOfJC‬ ‪#‎JCMakeItYours‬
“So excited for the opening of the new Pershing Field Playground today!” As they say “it takes a village…” and then some.
Pershing Field Garden Friends would like to thank Mayor Steve Fulop, Council President Rolando Lavarro Jr. Jr., Ward C Councilman Richard Boggiano, Ward D Councilman Councilman Michael Yun, the entire City Council, Division of Architecture Director Brian Weller, Project Manager Chris Charas, Landscape Architect Aaron Johnson and the Kompan representatives Ken Dobyns and Christian Valdez. A special thanks to our dedicated PFGF officers & committee members who worked tirelessly to see this project come to fruition: Bob Murgittroyd, Debby DeVenezia Theresa O’Brien, Patricia O’Hanlon, Amanda KautMaureen Gallagher, Ed Goodall, Alessandra Rafferty and Lanie Class.

Video from JC1TV:


Photo gallery by Christian Valdez, KOMPAN Playground Solutions

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