Urgent Action is Again Needed to Save Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is under attack again. Please act swiftly as outlined below. Every letter, call, email will count. Thanks #friendsofLibertyStatePark


Dear Liberty State Park supporters,

Pleaseemail DEP Commissioner Bob Martinand/or call him at609-292-2885and/or fax him at609-292-7695to strongly oppose this LSP massive commercial marina along LSP’s entire non-commercial southside, and to demand public hearings. If you’d like to send a letter, his street address is under the bullet points below as are two email addresses for Suntex Marinas, who want a second LSP marina and who own the northside Liberty Landing Marina.

YOUR URGENT ACTION IS AGAIN NEEDED TO SAVE LIBERTY STATE PARK from this secret deal for a Massive “Millionaires’ Marina” along the entire non-commercial, peaceful family picnicking Southside – right behind Lady Liberty (the Flag Plaza Lawn/jetties Side) with its priceless harbor views in all directions.

Please spread the word on social media and tag Friends of Liberty State Park. Please also share The Friends’ 11/11facebook post.

This marina plan would ruin LSP’s “Central Park” true purpose of people’s enjoyment of the peaceful openness of our urban waterfront haven for picnics, jogging, walking, bicycling, fishing, relaxing and taking in the expansive open harbor views looking southward toward the Verrazano Bridge.

The Friends letter to NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin opposing the marina and demanding public hearings and a public comment period

The Friends of LSP’s OP-ED letter to the Jersey Journal

  • radically wreck the deep American connection to the South Overlook Lawn with its Flag Plaza, the original picnic area and the jetties.
  • vastly diminish people’s free waterfront pleasures by blocking the treasured expansive open water harbor views toward the Verrazano Bridge.
  • destroy the use and iconic American spirit of the priceless area behind Lady Liberty.
  • severely negatively impact the LSP Caven Point Natural Area with its wildlife habitat by the scenic walkway along the golf course, which no doubt wants this marina for its millionaire golfers to dock their yachts.
  • inevitably confiscate southside parking spaces in the two free lots and probably want to pave over the tree grove lawn between the public boat launch parking lot and the free lots. On summer weekends, the two free lots are already packed.
  • disturb the peace and quiet for all southside users due to loud motors and boaters’ loud partying music.
  • This obscene giveaway of a second LSP longterm commercial marina will: Commissioner’s street address:

NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin
401 E. State St.
7th floor, East Wing
PO Box 402
Trenton, NJ 08625-0402


Suntex Marinas, owner of LSP’s northside Liberty Landing Marina, would get the planned lease.If you want to email them,Johnny Powersis the CEO andChris Pettyis a “Principal, Head of Investment Services”.

Please also consider sending a letter to the editor ofThe Jersey Journal

(250 words for letter and about 350 words for Op-Ed piece)and to theJersey City Reporter

Photo by Tanya Buran. The marina would extend from South Overlook Lawn westward to Public Boat launch dock (near diner) along LSP’s Southside

Liberty State Park by Tanya Buran.
Liberty State Park by Tanya Buran.

Thanks very much for your steady support of LSP, our priceless American treasure.Sam Pesin, president, Eliza Wright, vice president,Trustees:John Tichenor (co-founder & 1st pres.) Gladys Vasques, Mandy Edgecombe, Douglas Fleisher, Roberta Fluellen and Sara Schultzer

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